Author: Dr. Adam Tacy PhD, MBA

  • Progress Offered

    Progress Offered

    The idea Low progress potential compared to progress sought presents a challenge for progress seekers. They become hesitant to start, or even give up on, progress attempts. Often it’s a situation that arises as seekers lack the necessary resources, such as skills, knowledge, or time, to make progress. In response to this challenge, progress helpers […]

  • Progress Potential

    Progress Potential

    The idea Progress potential is the progress state that, predominantly, Progress Seekers uniquely and phenomenologically judge they can reach from a progress attempt. This might be less than their progress sought. A seeker may feel their progress potential is too low. Often this is due to a shortage of resources like skills, knowledge, or time. […]

  • Progress Sought

    Progress Sought

    The idea The key named state in the progress economy is progress sought – the more desirable state a progress seeker is trying to reach. progress sought: the more desirable progress state a progress seeker wishes to reach Theoretically, we’re talking about all aspects of a seeker’s life. But for simplicity, we usually focus on specific aspects (we still call those “progress […]