Author: Dr. Adam Tacy PhD, MBA

  • What is innovation?

    What is innovation?

    Ever wonder why, according to McKinsey, 94% of executives are dissatisfied with their organisations’ innovation efforts? There are several reasons for this. Not least, I would argue, are the definitions of innovation that we have and use. Most are vague and inactionable. As well as being rooted in the old way of understanding value. In […]

  • Exploring Progress Proposition

    Exploring Progress Proposition

    Let’s look at what a service is

  • Characteristics

  • Progress Zip

  • Progress Proposition Continuum

    Progress Proposition Continuum

    All progress propositions – the offers to help progress seekers make progress – are located on a progress proposition continuum. Where they reside somewhere between enabling and relieving propositions. And moving a proposition along the continuum is a systematic approach to hunting innovation. What differentiates where propositions reside on the continuum is who leads the […]

  • progress-value diamond

    progress-value diamond

    The progress-value diamond is fundamental to exploiting the progress economy. It’s where we identify the progress being sought (by seekers and externalities) as well as the progress an enterprise is offering to help with. And from there we can systematically innovate by altering the match. Let’s break it down into the two components – progress […]

  • Execution model

    Execution model

    Executing an innovation within an enterprise/ecosystem requires change.

    The execution model helps us understand that change as well as an enterprise’s capability to execute the change.

    We can map any innovation to the execution model. Or we can review our current model and hunt for innovations

  • Progress Resource Mix

    Progress Resource Mix

    Enterprises/ecosystems offer a mix of resources for a seeker to integrate with when attempting to make progress.

    This service mix comprises a specific combination of:

    • goods,
    • physical resources,
    • systems, and
    • people.

    Altering the blend of the service mix is a source of innovation.

  • What is value?

    A product’s value to customers is, simply, the greatest amount of money they would pay for it. ‘Value’ emerges when a progress seeker makes unique and phenomenological judgements of (remaining) progress potential and progress achieved. What is value? In a goods-dominant logic world, it looks pretty much like the quote above on the left. And […]

  • the service economy

    [draft] We need the concept of the service economy when we live in a world that believes there is a goods economy. It reflects the destination we arrive at when we follow the perceived ongoing shift from goods to service. There are various reasons for this perceived shift. And I list these in Figure 1. […]