Harnessing the circular economy

The combination of removing value-in-exchange thinking, understanding progress sought, and pulling the levers on the progress resource mix leads us to harnessing the circular economy.

Value-in-exchange thinking, with its embed, exchange and use-up model of value has parallels to the take-make-waste path of the linear economy. The focus on exchange leaves precious time to think about what happens after exchange…you’re busy hunting the next exchange.

Understanding progress sought gives good insights. Are seekers really looking for circular solutions. It might be latent progress sought. But it could be bad news. For example, Sweden has a plastic bottle deposit scheme, enforced by the government. Charging 1-2kr on top of purchase price for plastic bottles. This is returnable when the bottle is returned for recycling. I wonder if the recycling levels would stay if that scheme was removed.

Altering the progress resource mix is a way of harnessing circular economy. Move from goods to physical resources (platform as a service, for example). Or moving from goods/physical resources to employees/systems. Using systems as digital twins to improve effeciency. Etc.

Let’s progress together through discussion…