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  • progress-value diamond

    progress-value diamond

    The progress-value diamond is fundamental to exploiting the progress economy. It’s where we identify the progress being sought (by seekers and externalities) as well as the progress an enterprise is offering to help with. And from there we can systematically innovate by altering the match. Let’s break it down into the two components – progress […]

  • Execution model

    Execution model

    Executing an innovation within an enterprise/ecosystem requires change.

    The execution model helps us understand that change as well as an enterprise’s capability to execute the change.

    We can map any innovation to the execution model. Or we can review our current model and hunt for innovations

  • Progress Resource Mix

    Progress Resource Mix

    Enterprises/ecosystems offer a mix of resources for a seeker to integrate with when attempting to make progress.

    This service mix comprises a specific combination of:

    • goods,
    • physical resources,
    • systems, and
    • people.

    Altering the blend of the service mix is a source of innovation.