Lack of confidence – a progress hurdle

“Confidence” progress hurdle
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The greater the confidence a seeker has in a progress proposition and/or a progress helper, the lower this progress hurdle is.

Progress hurdles

Just a quick recap of progress hurdles, they are:

progress hurdles – factors that if felt, uniquely and phenomenologically, by a progress seeker as too high, may lead them to decide to not start, or to abandon, a progress attempt.

Instead of viewing them as barriers, we refer to these factors as hurdles because seekers may choose to progress regardless of their size. A barrier would imply no progress attempts.

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Seekers must have confidence that an offering will assist them in making progress. In both the actual proposition and in the helper. And this usually starts based on the seeker’s individual lived experience.

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That’s to say, prior interactions with the helper and/or offering, or similar offering, can provide confidence. And if they are now attempting to make same progress again with same helper, this is what Christensen’s job to be done theory calls a little hire.

Confidence could also result from making progress in other areas with the same assistant. In that case, we’re talking about branding and brand extension.

Of course, the opposite is true as well. Poor helper experience reduces a seeker’s future confidence. 

And while making progress, one’s confidence can rise or fall. This emphasises the importance of continuous communication throughout the progress attempt.


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