Category: Foundation Layer

The foundation layer of the progress economy is where we find the underpinning tooling.

Here you will find four tools:

  • Phenomenological

    What we’re thinking Phenomeno-what? I’m with you, what a mouthful! It’s a term we use a lot in the progress economy usually when talking about seeker’s judgements or their positions. Think of it as the baggage you bring to a decision. All your lived experiences and what you’re experiencing at the decision point. It’s why…

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  • Resources – carriers of capabilities

    What we’re thinking Resources are the fundamental component of the progress economy. We stumble when we lack them; integrate them in order to make progress ((co-)creating value as we do so); and offer them to others in exchange for service we need (often indirectly) They are carriers of capabilities, often skills and knowledge, but let’s…

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  • Progress as a verb and a state transition

    What we’re thinking Progress is a verb; an active process of resource integrations through which a progress seeker attempts to move over time from their progress origin to their more desired progress sought state. A seeker may attempt to make progress alone, but often encounters a lack of resource progress hurdle. This opens the door…

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  • Progress as a State

    What we’re thinking A progress state is a snapshot of progress comprising three elements, namely: Discovering and understanding all three elements is crucial for comprehending seekers perspective of value and systematically pursuing successful innovation. Progress as a state Progress as a state is an important concept in the progress economy. We name a number of…

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  • Progress as a noun

    What we’re thinking In the progress economy we find it beneficial to name some specific progress states. These serve as waypoints that we can refer to and reason about on progress journeys (see progress as a verb). Without further delay, let’s delve into the five commonly used named states! Naming states Here’s the five named…

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  • The Real Actors of The Progress Economy

    Meet the exciting actors staring as the cast in this season’s new take on innovation and growth in the progress economy! Here they are, and the stage they act upon. Progress SeekerS The star of the progress economy: the progress seeker. They are always looking to make progress; moving over time to more desirable states;…

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  • Understanding Progress

    What we’re thinking Progress is the beating heart of the progress economy – everyone is striving to make it; innovation is all about increasing the amount made and reducing hurdles preventing it; and value emerges only through progressing. But what is progress? Well, it’s a verb, a state, a noun, and a state transition…and understanding…

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  • Innovation – improving progress

    What we’re thinking We can, and must, do better than our prevailing definitions of innovation. Let’s ditch the vague definitions we typically lean on (we’re even looking at you ISO 56000!). They focus us on adding/creating value; something we know is hard to understand, define, and address. And those definitions often lead us to the…

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  • What is value?

    What we’re thinking We’re breaking free of the historical view of value. Once you free your mind about a concept of harmony and of music being correct you can do whatever you want Once you make the observation that a seeker only achieves maximum value when reaching their progress sought it naturally follows that value…

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