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  • Progress Hurdles

    Progress Hurdles

    A progress hurdle is a factor that, if perceived as too high by a seeker, may lead them to decide not to start, or to abandon, a progress attempt. According to the engagement decision process, the seeker uniquely and phenomenologically determines if the hurdles are low enough. The six identified hurdles in the progress economy […]

  • Deciding to engage a progress proposition

    Deciding to engage a progress proposition

    Understanding why and how a progress seeker decides to engage with a progress proposition – the engagement decision process – is critical to unlocking growth and innovation. Knowing the hurdles, for example, gives us a zone for innovation to reduce them. Comfortingly, our engagement decision process builds on top of the progress decision process. It […]

  • Deciding to make progress

    Deciding to make progress

    The progress decision process identifies the decisions a progress seeker makes, and when, as they attempt to make progress on their own. That is to say without the help of any progress propositions. (For the more impatient…the engagement decision process builds on this process reflecting that progress propositions introduce additional progress. Reducing progress hurdles is […]

  • Understanding Progress

    Understanding Progress

    So what is progress? It’s a verb, a noun and a state transition. At a high level, we say that it is: progress: moving over time to a more desirable state And we’ll call this more desirable state: progress sought. It comprises functional and non-functional elements, informed by context. Conceptually, a seeker attempts to progress […]

  • What is innovation?

    What is innovation?

    Ever wonder why, according to McKinsey, 94% of executives are dissatisfied with their organisations’ innovation efforts? There are several reasons for this. Not least, I would argue, are the definitions of innovation that we have and use. Most are vague and inactionable. As well as being rooted in the old way of understanding value. In […]

  • Exploring Progress Proposition

    Exploring Progress Proposition

    Let’s look at what a service is

  • What is value?

    A product’s value to customers is, simply, the greatest amount of money they would pay for it. ‘Value’ emerges when a progress seeker makes unique and phenomenological judgements of (remaining) progress potential and progress achieved. What is value? In a goods-dominant logic world, it looks pretty much like the quote above on the left. And […]