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  • Overview

    Our classic, economic and marketing, view of value is driven by the notion of value-in-exchange. Of successive manufacturers embedding or adding value. And of end users destroying/using that up; perhaps being able to restore/reclaim some value, but having to do so themselves. A combative world of manufacturers and users or customers; producers and consumers. Here’s […]

  • Markets in the Progress Economy

    EARLY DRAFT / thoughts group of seekers. with similar progress sought (not necessarily the same progress, but sufficiently similar). having access to the offering (this is why software has driven recent growth? AI democratising access to expert knowledge? ). Does deciding to engage belong in definition?disruptive innovation can be defined by market (group of seekers […]

  • Progress, Service, and Innovation

    We find a deliberate, and pleasurable, progression in how progress, service, and innovation are expressed in the progress economy. Each including and building on the previous. Progress Progress sits, as expected, at the base. It is a process, i.e. a series of activities, that move over time move the progress seeker to a more desirable […]

  • the service economy

    [draft] We need the concept of the service economy when we live in a world that believes there is a goods economy. It reflects the destination we arrive at when we follow the perceived ongoing shift from goods to service. There are various reasons for this perceived shift. And I list these in Figure 1. […]

  • the goods economy

    [draft] The goods economy is how we traditionally are taught about, and experience, our economy. It centres around goods being valuable and services not (or in a less strict interpretation they are less value/problematic). A view that reaches back to Adam Smith and his 1776 publication on the Wealth of Nations. The focus of economic […]