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  • The Real Actors of The Progress Economy

    Meet the spicy actors staring as the cast in this season’s new take on innovation and growth in the progress economy! Here they are, and the stage they act on. Progress SeekerS The star of the progress economy: the progress seeker. They are always looking to make progress; moving over time to more desirable states; […]

  • The Key Concepts

    Fasten your seatbelts for an exhilarating (quite often udated) whirlwind tour of the progress economy! We’re diving into the key concepts that define this dynamic world. Brace yourself as we explore progress, progress propositions, value creation, innovation, and more. Everyone is trying to Progress In the progress economy, everyone is on a quest to move […]

  • Markets in the Progress Economy

    EARLY DRAFT / thoughts group of seekers. with similar progress sought (not necessarily the same progress, but sufficiently similar). having access to the offering (this is why software has driven recent growth? AI democratising access to expert knowledge? ). Does deciding to engage belong in definition?disruptive innovation can be defined by market (group of seekers […]