Increasing innovativeness

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increasing innovativeness of a helper with resources

As we’re interested in the progress economy in innovation, let’s consider what helper resources are known to help.

Hult, Hurley and Knight propose the following three orientations (operant resources) as helping increase the innovativeness of a helper:

  • market
  • learning
  • entrepreneurial 

Hult, G., Hurley, R., Knight, G. (2004) “Innovativeness: Its Antecedents and Impact on Business Performance

The implication being that we should look to increase these three orientations within a helper to increase innovativeness. Lacking the skills and competences behind these orientations is a contributor, I suspect, to what Steve Blank calls innovation theatre

When our innovation activities deliver few/no tangible results, we are performing innovation theater.Blank, S. (2019) “Why Companies Do ‘Innovation Theater’ Instead of Actual Innovation”

Where market orientation is:

organization wide generation of market intelligence pertaining to current and future customer needs, dissemination of the intelligence across departments, and organizationwide responsiveness to itKohli, A. and Jaworski, B. (1990) “Market Orientation: The Construct, Research Propositions, and Managerial Implications

learning orientation is:

organisation-wide activity of creating and using knowledge to create a competitve advantageCalantone, Cavusgil and Zhao (2002) “Learning Orientation, Firm Innovation Capability, And Firm Performance

and entrepreneurial orientation looks at an organisation’s approach to innovation, risk-taking and proactiveness.

a firm’s decision making practices, managerial philosophies and strategic behaviours that are entrepreneurial in natureAnderson, Covin and Slevin (2009) in Wales (2015)

Which can be measured using the Miler/Covin and Slevin scale (see Covin & Wales(2012) “The Measurement Of Entrepreneurial Orientation“). This has several questions each answered by placement on a scale. Such ad the couple of examples below regarding innovativeness.

That’s been quite a deep dive. Let’s now consider how helpers gain operant resources.

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