Consultancies and the progress economy

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What we’re thinking

Professional consulting companies’ propositions are, on the surface, a:

  • resource mix heavy on employees carrying high levels of task appropriate skills and knowledge
  • proposed series of progress-making activities that are encoding years of practice and experience

(even if this in practice may be realised as a senior consultant overseeing juniors; or application of generalist skills to specifics)

Typically they are relieving propositions with the consultants performing the majority of the progress-making activities. Though with staff augmentation type propositions they are more towards the enabling end of the continuum when taking account the wider scope of progress the seeker is attempting.

Ideally a contextual progress they bring is visibility across a broad range of industries and markets. They should be “carriers of innovation” (within the constraints of protecting IP integrity)

What more does the lens of the progress economy? Well….

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